Store Manager

Posted September 16, 2016
Do you like cats? Um, yeah.

How about unicorns? Duh.

Rainbows? Obvi.

Do you like cats with unicorn horns sitting on a cloud made out of sprinkles with a rainbow casting its colorful magic across the sky?! YES! YES! YES! SO. MUCH. YES!

Do you also have managerial experience in a retail environment? YES, I DO!

In that case, you've found your perfect job. Fuego is looking for a Store Manager just like you to join our store at Flatiron Crossing Mall.

In many ways, we're just like any other retailer in that we need a professional retail Store Manager to successfully lead a store team in the following areas:
     -Revenue generation
     -Operational excellence
     -Visual merchandising
     -HR Management and team development

None of that is particularly exciting on paper, we know. But there's more to running a Fuego store than just making sure deposits are dropped off at the bank and writing weekly schedules. Fuego stores are fun places to work because our merchandise is fun and our employees are cool.

The following is just a smattering of the kinds of things you'll see while working in a Fuego store:
- T-Shirts that say what you're really thinking
- Handbags that hold your wallet, sell phone, makeup, notebook, and sense of whimsy
- Coffee mugs for those days when more than a little caffeine is required
- Astronomically good necklaces

And that's just a tiny little sample of the 3,500+ items you'll find at a Fuego store. To see more  check out our website: www.shopfuego.com

Contact Information

Please contact Brent Mulliniks at 303-472-1950 or drop by the Fuego store and leave us a resume.