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Macerich is sharply focused on sustainability as a long-term, fully integrated business approach. Our goal is simple: Create a healthy environment for our employees, tenants, guests and communities and sustain this environment for future generations.

Today we are committed to doing even more — to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water consumption, and waste generation by 10 percent by 2020.  For more information click here.

What We’re Doing at FlatIron Crossing
  • In 2014, the center installed 4,758 solar panels that will produce 1,202kw of power. That is enough energy saved to power 153 homes' electrical use for one year!
  • Our Security Staff uses Global Electric Motorcars and Segways as much as possible and only uses the trucks power by gas when necessary.
  • We use green cleaning products at our center wherever and whenever possible.
  • The center is working to implement new lighting protocols that will allow us to minimize our energy use and lower our carbon footprint without any impact on the shopping experience. Additionally, we use timers on the lights to minimize energy consumption.
  • The center follows a protocol for our HVAC units to conserve energy.
  • Escalators are on energy efficient soft-starts. We have synced the starting times to fit mall hours.
  • During initial construction, rain sensors were installed to minimize water consumption.
  • We distributed reusable tote bags and energy efficient light bulbs to more than 550 guests as a  Random Acts of Kindness.
  • We are working with our retailers and asking them to turn off their lights when not in use.
  • We’re working to communicate with our retailers via e-mail to conserve paper usage.
  • Whenever the center gives items to our guests, we try to use recycled items. For example, we’ve distributed hundreds of recycled FlatIron Crossing notepads, a thousand recycled pens and more than 1,200 reusable tote bags to other important visitors. 

Environmental Impact

60,665 tons of waste recycled since 2013
55 million gallons of water saved annually
over 37,000 metric tons of C02E saved per year with LED lighting
350,730 metric tons reduced in greenhouse gas emissions over the past 6 years
225 million kWhs of electricity reduced since 2008
11 MW of grid relief provided by solar installations across 10 properties
93 energy efficient projects will save over 30 million kWhs annually
Electric vehicle charging stations at 16 properties
4.25 MW of grid relief provided by fuel cell installations at 6 properties


FlatIron Crossing


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